What If It Didn’t HAVE To Be Either/Or?

Conscious Conversations


I had a great conversation recently with a colleague who does embodied movement work. In my new understanding of that, it’s working with our physical movement as it relates to the health and well being of our mind/body & spirit. And we all know mind/body/spirit talk is my favorite! 🙂

It’s important as it relates to our overall health and well being because everything works together in tandem. Our body systems work together, and when we recognize and honor these systems as parts of a whole, we are then at the heart of the incredible synergy of the whole. But my intention here is not to discuss Gestalt theories, but rather to shine light on an operating system that I believe can be limiting us from engaging in more ways to serve our highest good.


Either/Or – Part/Whole – This/That


What I want to focus on here is the “either/or” M.O. that seems to be so easy for us to get stuck in. It’s certainly no secret that humanity, and quite specifically our country, finds itself in a time of great division. I also believe that so much has come to the surface right now so that we can evolve as a collective. So that we can shine light on and dissolve old systems that ultimately do not serve the collective. And my hope is that we can recognize that in deep division we are cut off from the benefits of working as a whole.

Yes we live in a 3D reality which always consists of a “this” or “that.” Where something cannot exist without it’s opposite so we can know a thing. But what if we pushed beyond that 3D thinking? What if we moved out of the either/or mentality as an overall operating system and made THAT simply a choice!


Like flipping a coin.


For example, say you have a coin, and that coin represents a thing. So if you had a coin representing happy, then the other side would be sad. And when we think of the coin representing choice, we usually say one side of the coin is “Either,” and the other side is “Or.” But WHAT IF one side of the coin was the “either/or” mentality and the other side was “both or neither!”

Using the coin example, there may be times when the choice is going to lend itself to only an either/or.  As in tonight I am choosing to have either pizza or salad. But then again there may be times when I  choose to have pizza AND salad! And then there may be many times when I choose neither.

It’s just a way to shift thinking from finite black or white. Because when we think that way, when we get SO entrenched in our having to be either/or , we can really miss out on growth and expansion. When we stand solely on our Either or Or side, we can risk closing the door on opportunity and conscious conversation.


What does that mean in terms of “holistic”?


So my thinking has fallen onto the holistic of the collective. Which has to actually begin with the individual. And in analyzing WHY there is so much division, I keep coming back to this “either/or” perspective. But for the purpose of this particular blog, I will use the example that was the subject of my conversation.

I have noticed a divide when it comes to our physical health and healing where there seems to be 2 distinct camps: the western medicine practices with MDs and DOs and pharmaceuticals and hospitals etc, and then the more Eastern traditions of homeopathy, natural healing, herbology and energy medicine, etc. This is a short and simple list for illustrating a point.

But what if our healing didn’t have to be taken care of by only one or the other? In truth, WE are also empowered by taking control of our inner healing, our mindset, our emotional state and our spiritual well being. But when things get to the point that issues have fully manifested in the body, I believe we do ourselves a great disservice by choosing either/or.


Healing shouldn’t be JUST western medicine, and there are very distinct times when people’s lives are saved by today’s medical technology.


For example, I’ve had clients that have needed surgeries. And prior to and after those surgeries they have received Reiki healing to help facilitate emotional ease prior to and more rapid recovery times after.

There is SO much out there, and not just in the realm of physical vs. energy medicine or conversations of the like around health care. I believe now more than ever, when we are in the midst of deep chaos, the other side of the coin is evolution and ascension. But we must open our hearts and minds to a different paradigm where the either/or is a situational choice, and not an overall mode of operation.


What can you do?


I invite you to do some contemplation around this concept. Ask yourself where in your life can you add in some more “both” in ways that will serve the highest good? And where might it serve you to step away from something and not choose any of it.

If you would like to hear the actual conversation I mentioned at the start of the post please click here. 

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