Balance in Body, Mind, and Spirit


Reiki is a holistic healing technique in which a giver channels energy toward a receiver. The source of the energy is the universe, not the channeler, and is infinite, life force energy. This energy flows within the receiver to wherever it is needed most.

Blocked and negative emotions and energies can be cleared and released, opening up the receiver to increased well being. When we don’t work on releasing and clearing blocked emotional and psychic “debris”, it can take a toll on our physical state. 

Reiki can be done in person, with the practitioner gently laying hands on or slightly above the receiver or via long distance and is just as effective either way.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki Services:

Reiki Healing

Single Session
$ 85 Per session

Reiki Healing

3 Sessions
$ 240 $80 per session

Reiki Healing

6 Sessions
$ 450 $75 per session


With a minimum of a 2 month commitment of 2 sessions per month the investment drops to $75/session and the client also receives my downloadable Intro to Meditation class (6 classes) and receives 1 of the following each month of continuous participation:

Reiki Classes

Are you looking to take your journey to health & well-being to a higher level?

Join an incredible body of practitioners who understand the power of collective energy practices! Learning to become a Reiki practitioner not only leads to your own highest states of both inner & outer healing, but also provides you with an opportunity to guide well-being for your loved ones. And even clients! If you desire greater empowerment towards your own self-healing and a deeper understand of the body’s innate healing ability Reiki 1 can lead the way!

Reiki 1

You will receive a Reiki 1 attunement and certification as a Reiki 1 practitioner​
$ 175
  • The history and in depth benefits of Reiki
  • What ki and energy work is​
  • Functions and balancing of the chakras
  • Hand positions for self and others
  • Reiki guidelines and session prep​
  • How to conduct a Reiki session​

Reiki 2

Prerequisite: A Reiki 1 Certification from me or another Master Teacher
$ 175
  • Deepening Reiki principles
  • Three level 2 Reiki symbols
  • Distance healing
  • Healing techniques
  • Reiki guidelines and session prep​
  • Client practices

Reiki Class TestimoniALS