Energy Alignment Night

Energy Alignment Night

Join us every 1st Monday of the month at 7:30pm ET for an evening of getting your personal energy into alignment.

What is Energy Alignment?

How often are we feeling spaced out (ungrounded), exhausted (energy unbalanced) and unmotivated (stuck energy)? Life force energy, which is always flowing around us, is also flowing within us and is meant to flow with balance. Often our emotional states, other people’s energy and life events can pinch off that flow and cause our energy centers to become unbalanced. And especially now as we are all being effected by world events we have not previously experienced and are causing dissonance within.

Going unchecked this can lead mental, emotional and physical health issues. Join us every 1st Monday of the month at 7:30pm ET for an evening of getting your personal energy into alignment. (Your investment –  $20).

These will be virtual meetings and you will be led through a guided meditation while receiving Reiki as a group, and then Reiki will be sent to each participant individually. Reiki is just as effective long distance.

Meditating with a group can be incredibly powerful, as the shared intention of balance and healing can promote the highest states of well being, which coupled with Reiki, can help boost your immune system! Feeling balanced within helps with clarity of thinking, ease of being, better sleep and experiencing grounding. All necessary tools and most especially needed during these current times.

Ready to commit to self care? Add Energy Alignment as a regular practice by purchasing a Subscription! You will be billed $17/month and sent log in instructions monthly and can cancel anytime.  Refunds will not be issued for missed months, however the payment can be applied towards a private session. 

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I look forward to energy alignment each month, as it brings me peace and grounding from the craziness of this world. Always feel so relaxed afterward and have noticed some little things (aches and pains) that bothered me, don't so much any longer. Sleep is much better afterwards as well. It's at a perfect time for me to transition from the alignment to a good night's sleep. Thank you Heather! - Debbie S
Attending the Energy Alignment sessions with Heather have been so powerful and impactful for me. I come looking forward to the quiet, open to receiving energy and finding a deep peace. The results are even more than I intend. Always receiving what a I need for that time, whether calm and peace, clarity and focus or just a deeper understanding of self. Thank you Heather for sharing your gifts with me. - Hilary J
Until a few years ago, I had been very skeptical about meditation. After participating in a few of Heather's alignment evenings I began to feel less stressed and more focused. The hour guided sessions provided a way for me to better focus on my body as a whole. To become aware of my surroundings. Thank you Heather for all your love and support! - Lenny J
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