About Me

ENERGY alignment COACH & healer

Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Certified Hypnotist

We all deserve to live in the light of our true self

And it is my mission to guide you there

Heather O'Neill

My Story

I have been on a most amazing healing journey for the past 10 years that has led me to my current role as a  Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Law of Attraction Coach and hypnotist.

And I am also an empath.

Learning that about myself has been the greatest awakening of my life.

Following my own dark night of the soul, my divorce, I found myself in a very low place. Unknowingly creating stories about myself and my life that were quite untrue, although I lacked the capacity to understand that.

But on some level within I knew I wanted to heal.

At the time I was involved in an MLM company and attended a conference that was filled with motivational speakers that opened me up to the idea of more than my own limited perspective.

I began studying with spiritual teachers and thought leaders. I learned that it was up to me to choose the stories I told about myself. That I was writing them. And that I held self beliefs that were holding me down and no longer serving me. I began studying energy, and how my thoughts and feelings (and those of others) affected my own. And how that in turn affected who and what went on around me.


I started meditating. I observed how that changed my life.

I had a coach call me an empath and the understanding of who I really am, that there was language for it, that highly sensitive people are actually biologically different, and that it was all a gift, has opened up so much learning and greater ease of living for me!

My healing journey has been incredible, mind blowing, non linear, enabled me to attract my tribe, brought me work that I am passionate about and taught me how to live as my true self. I’ve learned that I, and everything around me, am made of energy and that in understanding that I am able to co-create a life I truly want to be living.  I now attract people that lift me up and treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

And it is my mission to share these lessons and tools to aid you in your own awakening and true understanding of yourself. The freedom that brings is absolutely invaluable. You can be you. You can be happy. You can love life.

If my story and my work speaks to you please contact me for more information and a complimentary consultation.