How To Move Out of Lack Mentality

What does lack vs. abundance mean?

Have you ever heard the term lack mentality? If so, what does that mean to you?

I am going to share what it means to me.

It means standing in the way of my own abundance. It means self sabotage. It means lack of trust in life and in being presented with what serves my highest good. It means victim consciousness – lamenting over and questioning WHY things have happened to me as opposed to acknowledging that things are happening FOR me. Even if it feels like shit at the time.

When we are met with obstacles…

Very often life presents us with obstacles, which I prefer to term as “redirects.”

As we go along our paths it’s very easy to become unconsciously attached to the way we imagine things are supposed to turn out for us.

Say for example I am running out to the grocery store. And I am caught up in my thoughts about not being in the mood to go and wanting the trip to be quick and easy. So on the way to the store I hit every light. And it’s taking longer than I expected. And I become angry that this errand is not what I wanted it to be. But in my annoyance I am not aware of the quiet time I am having with my own thoughts, and in that time I actually get an idea about how to work out some issue I am currently having.

But when we are not yet students of our own thinking, and things then end up looking different than that expectation, we can end up feeling like we are being kicked around all the time.

Lack mentality is what happens when we stay in that place. Because we then allow experiences like that store example to tell us that everything is hard, and we don’t have enough time, and any other thought our minds will attract that match that lack thinking because that’s where our vibration is. And like attracts like.

When a simple shift in perception can perhaps remind us that the redirects can be for our highest good. And maybe we won’t know exactly in what way just yet, but from that space of belief we shift our mentality.

We can choose our responses.

Our vibration, our energetic signature, is what is attracting things to us. And when we can shift out of, or at the very least recognize that we are in lack thinking, we can then CHOOSE to say “hey maybe this redirect happened FOR me in some way I can’t see yet.”

We are the ones defining what happens to us. Sure we can be swayed by other people’s thoughts and opinions, and by life feeling hard, but at the end of the day it is US describing to US what our experiences mean. And it’s the difference between lack or abundance mentality.

Just because something feels bad, or is disappointing, doesn’t equate with that something not being for our highest good in the long run.

Abundance shows up all around us, but if our vibe is of lack we will not notice it as such.

What stands in the way of us and what we want is US when we get stuck in lack mentality. Then EVERYTHING that happens to us is clouded by that feeling and it can seem like we are constantly being beaten down and walking through quicksand. The inner work is to stay very mindful of how we are defining what happens. And then asking “what if there is a greater meaning in this for me that goes beyond just my wants & needs in this moment?” What can I take away from this experience that will help me grow? Where can there be opportunity in this crises?

How can we focus on abundance?

If you can relate to this feeling of lack mentality, I suggest keeping an Abundance Journal. Write down examples of abundance that occur every day. For example, let’s go back to my grocery store trip again. Not only did I hit every light on the way, but the store was more crowded than I was expecting and I had to wait a bit in the check out line. BUT… 3 of the items on my list were on sale that day, 1 even being a BOGO FREE item! So I came home with 2 for the price of 1! That part is the instance that I would write in my Abundance Journal. Along with the needed extra quiet time to be still and granted an abundance of intuitive thoughts.

We need to consciously look for the abundance. And then practice gratitude for it all. It’s actually a simple practice that can have very big, long standing impacts for the better in our lives!

When people share things with you (material & non-material), when you make extra money, when something happens so you can save some money, when you receive love, when your business grows, when someone gives you their time, when you find some extra pockets of time… these are all examples of abundance. We just have to look for and recognize them.

Happy abundance journaling!!

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