The Empath’s Journey

The empath’s journey is not an easy one. But it is incredibly rewarding once it’s realized as the gift that it is!

Being an empath I understand this well. And as an Energy Alignment Coach I see the difference it makes in people’s lives when they have a deeper understanding of who they truly are, when there is language given to what goes on within, and when an understanding of boundaries and proper energetic hygiene becomes second nature.

The HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) & empath

This journey is of course one that will not end until we leave our physical bodies. And even then, perhaps this level of sensitivity is part of the soul’s ultimate  journey. Being a highly sensitive person, someone who literally has differences in their brains and nervous systems, can make it difficult to be around large crowds or loud noises. And add being an empath on top of that, being able to feel the emotions of other people, can make for an overwhelming experience.

And when there is not awareness around one’s own degree of empathy, it can sometime’s seem like there is something wrong with us. We can, at times, experience anxiety or fear for no apparent reason. And then begin to judge ourselves for feeling that way “yet again.”

But what if that was happening to you and it wasn’t yours?

Someone else’s anxiety

Countless times I have experienced anxiety out of nowhere when being in a crowd. I now know that if there is no particular reason for me to feel that way in that moment then it is not my own. And what’s even wilder, is that I have had times sitting home alone experiencing fear out of nowhere that I also know is not my own.

You see, we are all energetically connected. Thinking about others and having emotions towards them can cause the thought of you to pop in to someone else’s head. There are instances when I have felt a fear feeling out of nowhere and asked myself “is this mine?” And often I will even get an image of whose it is upon asking.

Now please note this takes some practice. It is imperative that empaths understand what it really means to be empathic and how to practice discernment around what is theirs and what is someone else’s. It can take persistence to really go within and become versed on the inner nuances of what is your own and what is someone else’s. A great starting point is noting if there is a valid reason for a feeling state and if it could be reflective of your own circumstantial response.

But if there is not, it is probably not your own. We live in a dense, 3D reality. Emotions and thoughts actually cause vibrational waves. Lower level emotions are of a more dense vibration. Think about when you are sad or feeling despair, you would probably describe that as heavy.

The gift of intuition

So if you are an empath and you experience heaviness for seemingly no reason, tap in to yourself. As empaths are generally highly intuitive, again ask “whose is it?” and see what pictures come into your mind. Understanding that we can trust our intuition is of great importance. Our intuition comes not only from our inner knowing, but also from our higher self and Source. And it is there to guide us in this life. Sometimes we convince our self that it is unreliable. And this is not true.

We are not omniscient here in this physical body and lifetime, BUT our intuition is a built in tool to guide us along our path. And the empath must learn to rely on and trust their own.

Being empathic is a beautiful gift. We are here to FEEL. Empaths can hold a feeling space for another in deep ways. Empaths can read a room easily. And empaths can gauge who needs what because they can sense into these things. These are gifts.

If you are not an empath and have one as a friend, you might reallize when you read this how lovely it is to have someone right there with you if you are feeling sad or down, validating your place in that moment, or to share deep joy with you during those experiences that matter most.

Energetic self care

But for the empath, it is immensely important to care of your own energy field, and to be sure that other people’s feeling states do not get stuck within you. I often hear people say ” I experience really high highs and really low lows” and I know right away they are an empath. As like attracts like, feeling down attracts more of the same and feeling joyful does too. In an empath, that is an amplified field of feelings! And not understanding this can lead to confusion and self judgement.

Embodying tools as an empath to not only manage this but to recognize the beauty in the gift that this is, is a lifelong journey. It’s one that needs support, and it is one of deep and rich experience. It requires mindful care and the honoring of its gifts.

And I assure you, if you have an empath in your life, you are blessed! 🙂

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The Empath’s Journey

The empath’s journey is not an easy one. But it is incredibly rewarding once it’s realized as the gift that it is! Being an empath

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