“Manage your energy, not your time.”

― Anthon St. Maarten


10 Signs that you might be an Empath

As empaths we can often experience anxiety, and then become anxious about our anxiety, and it can lead us to get down on ourselves and even become avoidant of social situations.

What happens is we are not understanding that along with our own stuff, we are feeling other people’s stuff, and even if we do understand that part we are unaware of how to tell the difference and then separate ourselves.

We often feel like we have to fix others as well as a result of all we feel, neglecting to take care of our own well being because we don’t really know how to separate all of it.

Without an understanding of our own energetic body and good energy hygiene, the cycle continues keeping us anxious, experiencing high susceptibility to stress, losing sleep and attracting relationships, experiences and work that end up being soul sucking and keep us frozen.

And ultimately, without tending to these parts or ourselves, our bodies can begin to speak to us through pain and illness.  To live our healthiest and most satisfying life we need to move into an understanding of where our own energy ends and another’s begins. We need tools to navigate our energetic boundaries. 

And it’s from that space that we begin to accept our empathy for the gift that it is . We stop thinking there is something wrong with us and comparing ourselves to other people. We start to have experiences that satisfy us, relationships that are uplifting and work that is fulfilling. We then live as our best selves, from our OWN energetic design, and experience the freedom, ease and well being that is our birth right.




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