Energy alignment Coach & healer

I work with clients who feel unbalanced, especially empaths, on understanding how our mindset and emotions affect our energy. I help you to heal and harness your own authentic energy field in order to attract the RIGHT people, work and experiences into your life. And to embrace empathy as the gift that it is.

Dive into the world of mind, body, spirit, and energy healing

Holistic healing methods provide a path

to the highest states of health and well being

One on One Personal Mentoring

Work with me one-on-one utilizing mindset coaching, energy work, healing methods and learning about your personal Human Design. 
I create a personalized blueprint for each client. This is a partner experience, I am your guide and you are not doing it alone. This is a unique experience combining modalities for an incredibly well rounded mind/body/spirit & energy healing & growth journey. And it’s one you integrate into the rest of your life!


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Published Blogs & Radio Interviews

Heather has published articles and been a featured guest speaker on popular natural health and healing radio shows

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What My Clients​​ Say about Me

“Heather is helping me to believe that I can reach my goals and overcome my limiting beliefs in ways that I never thought possible before. As a direct result of her coaching, I have been empowered to bring about changes in my thought processes and my life that have greatly improved my health and well being. ”
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Susan, MD

“After searching for an alternative method of healing, it was then I found Heather through Reiki and its benefits. After my very first session a couple of months ago I felt immediate relief and clarity. I finally convinced my son to visit which he did, after his first visit he also experienced a huge relief and has asked to revisit because after…”
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Sean, NYC

“For a long time I thought that I had already learned much along the way, but what I realized through Heather’s coaching was that I was not applying what I knew in my daily life. Heather was the right fuse to get me started actually living what I know. Looking back I see I was off to a good start, but Heather gave me the…”
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Julie, NJ

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