3 of the Most Important Daily Practices For Empaths

As an empath, we are able to feel things that are not always our own. And those outer energies, on top of our own thoughts and feelings, can be overwhelming. In order to keep ourselves in balance and in understanding of what is ours and what is not, it’s important to practice good energetic hygiene.

Here are 3 daily practices for empaths that can help to keep us centered and allow us to release energies that belong to other people.

Grounding – This may be a very necessary daily practice for some empaths, especially during times such as these when there is a lot of dense energy impacting our auras. If we find ourselves feeling “all over the place”, it’s important to ground our energies into our own bodies. There are many beautiful ways to ground ourselves. An easy one is to engage in earthing, the practice of walking barefoot on the earth. It needs to be actual grass or dirt as opposed to concrete or something covering the earth.

During this practice we can put our attention onto the soles of our feet and allow for the connection to Mother Earth as she generously shares her energy with us. It is helpful to set aside at least 20 minutes for this practice. And if time does not allow for 20, some is better than none!

If you are unable to walk outside on the earth you can also do a seated exercise where you imagine a grounding cord reaching from the base of your spine down into the earth, like a plug going into an outlet. And then feel into that connection as earth energy rises up through the cord and into your body, creating a steady and secure connection between you and Mother Earth. You can be seated in a chair or cross legged on the floor. Setting aside 10 minutes every morning for this exercise (or any time of the day that works for you) can be a game changer for an empath!

Clearing Your Energy – Holding the very specific intention of clearing our energy is not only useful and practical for empaths, it is genuinely necessary on a frequent basis. Working with an energy healer (Reiki, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, etc.) can be wonderfully healing. And while that may not occur daily, we can always take matters into our own hands (pun intended) by creating a practice of clearing our own energy.

We can sit quietly and focus on our breath, allowing our in breath to begin from the base of the spine and then feel it traveling up though the body to the top of the head. And on the out breath we can imagine that all energy we have absorbed or taken on being easily and gently released through the top of our head to be transmuted into white light. Repeat 10 to 15 times or until there is a tangibly felt clearing of energy.

Mantras –  Often as empaths we can fall into the trap of thinking that we have to carry everyone’s pain for them. Because we can feel, see and understand what people are going through on a deep level, we can feel like it’s our job to help them. It may seem as though it’s our lot in life to have to fix others. These are all beautiful and noble intentions, and there is nothing wrong with being there for our friends and loved ones. But in attempting to “save” other people, we are not allowing them to fully experience their life lessons. Their souls also came here for a purpose. And their lessons are their’s to learn from. So creating some mantras to speak out loud can help keep us centered in our own beings. Repeating statements like “it’s not my job to save the world”, “ ‘NAME’ does not need me to fix them” and/or “it is not my purpose to carry the load of other people’s emotions inside of me” can be quite helpful.

There are many practices that can serves empaths in their daily lives so that we are not constantly walking around wondering where our own energy ends and another’s begins. Practicing discernment and becoming a student of our own thought processes and energetic bodies can greatly serve to improve an emapth’s quality of life. Emapths are here to share their beautiful gifts with the world, and we live our best lives when employing our own energetic hygiene. Utilizing some, if not all, of these practices can add balance and rejuvenation to an empath’s life so that your light is shining as brightly as it is meant to and your days are filled with more ease and balance.

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