The Shifting Collective

Division Is Growing Deeper

After the start of the collective shift last year with the facing of a pandemic, something not previously experienced in this lifetime, more and more ugly continued to come up to the surface. Fear, anger and division began to grow, although division had been there before.

As time has gone on, the division has grown deeper and deeper. Friendships have been severed, acquaintances have turned on one another, and a dependence on other people’s actions has become the norm for outcomes we are personally desiring.

This is very apparent in the vitriol that can be read on social media when others approach their health, politics, parenting, religion or even just living from different angles and pathways from one another. It can feel scary and uncomfortable to hear viewpoints that do not match our own. We can become identified with our beliefs in such a way that when faced with those that differ we can be greatly triggered.

The Collective’s Journey To Heal The Divide

I believe healing this intense discomfort is the journey for the collective right now. I believe that moving through this space with the intention to get to the other side is what will catalyze an ascension in human consciousness. Because the reality is that even before we were faced with covid, we have all taken different roads in life. It’s just that everyone’s viewpoints and choices weren’t on constant display the way they are now.

And many times those roads are going to the same place! We don’t honor that there are alternative ways to get to where we ultimately want to go. And in discounting another’s pathway, or making it wrong, we are actually creating an even bigger and bigger divide.

If we want to look at the road sign that says Unity, we have to respect this. We have to honor that there is choice. And to be clear, this does NOT mean that we should not share our pathways or discuss alternative routes with one another.

We absolutely should! BUT with compassion. We are not equipped with all information all of the time. Part of my work as a coach is to offer my clients a different perspective. We can get so caught up in our own minds that we can no longer see the forest for the trees.

Outside Forces Move Us Away From Love

It seems we have been spun up as a collective to fear and hate one another, especially if our viewpoints do not match up. But perhaps there is something that gets missed when looking at a thing. Maybe there isn’t awareness of some new methods or information about something. But if we close our minds and hearts we stand in the way of our evolution as a human collective.

Personally, I believe there are forces that desire that. That in fighting against one another we miss what’s really going on. And in talking about that, I will be creating another us vs. them scenario. As in all elevation and expansion there is also paradox. We live in a 3 dimensional perceived reality of duality. It will always be folding in on itself as we move through our now moments and create.

BUT I do know unequivocally that hate, blame and fear are lower vibrational, denser energies that stand in the way of joy, happiness and love which promote our highest states of health and well being. I cannot be responsible for someone else’s happiness because I am not inside of them and I will eventually do something to disappoint them, anymore than I can be responsible for someone else’s health and well being for the same reason. To say we are responsible for another human being’s happiness robs them of their own soul’s journey. I can only do my own inner work and then show up in the world as the change I want to see.


Bringing Us Back Together

To be in something together is to be mindful of what we bring to the table and how we show up. And that is only achieved through our own inner work and the accepting of the paths others take on their journeys. And for those that do not do their inner work, the choice then becomes ours as to whether or not to be in relationship with them. But attacking doesn’t serve.

So as always, I invite you to go within. Do your inner work. And show up from a space of love and compassion. Sharing your perspectives from that place. And being open to listening. 

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The Shifting Collective

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