Human Design

Understanding of Self

Human Design

All of us are born with a unique, inner blueprint that maps out how we operate, make correct decisions and show up in life. Yet often we are trying to fit ourselves into the molds of others’ which can cause us to feel frustrated, isolated, unheard and unseen. Learning about your Human Design gives you a greater understanding of your own personal, true nature and provides you with a usable strategy to implement in your life right now! This knowing helps you to stop fighting yourself and the forces that push against you and learn to go with the flow you were born to go with.

Embodying who we are designed to be enables us to stop trying to be who we are not! This understanding of self can bring great relief and provide a compass towards alignment with who we were created to be and to help us affirm what we already know. Human Design is not a religion or a philosophy. Rather a practical system that synthesizes astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life with the contemporary disciplines of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics & Biochemistry. It forms its own unique system to teach, understand and live into the energetic design that each person comes into life with.

Join me

For 2 separate Human Design readings and 2 coaching sessions

to help you to integrate who you really are into your everyday experience

In our first reading you will learn about:

  1. Your aura type
  2. The best strategy to approach your life with in order to eliminate resistance
  3. The ways in which making your decisions will most serve you
  4. Your open chakra centers that could be causing you unnecessary confusion

Our second reading discusses your gates, channels & incarnation cross. We go over the specifics of your particular operating system & what’s making you tick.

After each reading we will meet for a coaching session to discuss what has opened up for you and any areas of integration or challenge. 


*Single Human Design readings are available at $97/reading.