Personal Mentoring

"Don't try to control what's outside. Be at peace with what's inside."

- Judith Orloff

One on One Mentoring

The greatest joy of my work comes from witnessing life change via one on one mentoring. It is here where I truly partner with clients who are ready to let go of what isn’t working, who are seekers and in need of some guidance along the way, and who are ready to shift.
Without a clear understanding of how our mindset and emotions affect our personal energy, and how our energy in turn is attracting what is showing up for us, we are haphazardly co-creating our lives.We may notice that anything from our work to our relationships and friendships, to daily experiences are not really what we are looking for. Nor are we showing up as the most comfortable version of ourselves. 
Especially as an empath, where on top of everything else, we are experiencing other people’s emotions and don’t know how to define and clear our own energy. We often experience wildly varying emotions that aren’t always ours, but lack the ability to shift and let them go.
We can feel stuck, confused about next steps, beat ourselves up, and even be overcome with anxiety. We are in need of tools and support to make change.
Through a mentoring relationship I walk side by side with you on your journey. You are not going it alone! This is a deep experience that goes beyond just a weekly hour together. This work enhances your life beyond solely reading books or watching videos.
Mentoring combines mindset coaching, Reiki healing, energy work, personally tailored visualizations & mantras, hypnosis when needed, understanding of your Human Design and more. And as you learn tools, I work with you on integrating them into your life and provide accountability for you so you are truly able to make change via personal support.
You will gain a better understanding of how to be mindful of and shift your focus, you will acquire strategies for what I call energetic hygiene – practicing letting go of what doesn’t serve and understanding how to become a co-creator of the life you desire. You can come to know what it feels like to live in balance and peace, aligning your mind/body/spirit connection to promote your highest states of health and well being. 
If you are an empath, you fully deserve to be embracing your empathy as the gift that it is. Together we will explore why it is a gift and exactly how your gifts show up for you.
Because no 2 people are the same, my work is never the same with any 2 people. I have an extensive tool kit where as an intuitive and as I learn more about you, I implement strategies that best serve YOU. And you carry these strategies with you for the rest of your life.
With the degree of personalization and value I offer, I only work with a small number of clients at a time. This is about giving you my all so that you can be ALL of who you truly are!

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