The Day I Went For A Walk Without My Phone


I’ve been so excited about these sunny days here in New Jersey lately!

The other day I could literally feel my spirit craving the sun and the spring air. Craving the quiet, the peace of nature, the movement of my body. So I got myself ready and was about to walk out the door when I realized I didn’t have my phone.

The phone. The staple that seems attached to us at all times. The (perhaps ill-perceived) lifeline.

I did an inner eyeroll over that and then chuckled as I thought to myself “well why don’t you leave it at home then.”

Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad??

And you know what my own reaction to that was? Nervousness!

How would I know what time it was and how long I was out for? What if my son needed to contact  me? What if someone texted? What if I wanted to listen to some music?

As I thought about all of these things, I also realized that I didn’t actually like the feeling of being nervous to go for a walk around my own neighborhood without my phone!!

So I told myself “how about you be brave and just leave it home!”

How freeing would it be to just be out with nature and no other distractions? How would it feel to really observe EVERYTHING going on around me while I walk instead of the occasional glance at our modern day ball and chain?

NAH….Choosing Freedom

So I just did it!

I grabbed my key and left my phone and just trusted that I would be back home in time for my meeting and that this walk was going to be expansive and spectacular.

After recently watching an experiment Tim Sandars did on how water molecules changed form when a mobile phone was place on top of a glass of water, I figured why not give my cells an EMF break as well!

And out I went.

It really was glorious! I was not beholden by the clock, my email, Messenger, text messages, any data collection on my whereabouts and any glances that pulled my attention away from my surroundings.

Clarity Abounds!

It felt so clear. And like I actually had the time and space to clear my head, clear my energy, and just BE outside. Really enjoying the sun and the weather and the birds singing and the kids out playing. I felt connected to all of that instead of connected to technology.

I was connected to the earth. To the rhythms of life. To the joy of others. To the beauty of nature. To the feeling of the sun and the wind. And to the space within myself.

I decided that I am going to make that a practice, walking without my phone as often as I can.

It’s meditative, and it reminded me yet again of how important our connection to nature truly is.


Are You Willing To Leave Yours?

I invite you to venture out as often as is possible without your phone too. It gets old and invasive being a constant source of data gathering and always being available for interaction. We need to just anonymously BE sometimes!

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