What do you choose when the going gets tough?

We have all heard the saying “when one door closes another one opens.” And we might smile and say those words to our friends when something they have experienced is coming to a close. And we may even truly believe it. So then what happens when it’s our own experience coming to an end? And what if it’s something we really didn’t want to be ending?

This is the point where we have to check in with ourselves and our beliefs. We have to ask ourselves if we have faith. Faith in life, that it is leading us in the direction that serves our highest good. Faith in a higher power, knowing that it may be God, our angels, guides and/or our higher self that wants us to embrace the lessons our souls came here to learn. And this is the point where we must very consciously ask our self “am I going to choose faith or fear?”

One thing I know for sure is that fear lies. Fear tells us things that keep us small. Fear wants us to believe we aren’t good enough, smart enough, capable enough, good looking enough, successful enough, skinny enough or whatever enough. But I can say with assurance that we ALL are very capable of our own growth and evolution. And that whatever we believe and tell ourselves is what we are going to create and draw to us in our lives.

So when we choose faith, that open door becomes clear for us. When we choose fear, the only thing we can see is the closed door. We are deserving of love and abundance, and when we choose faith we are energetically saying that we choose those things. When we choose fear we choose blindness. Because on the other side of that open door is infinite possibility.

Life WANTS to bring us to the places we want to go, to introduce us to the people we want to meet, to lead us to work that is fulfilling. That is unchanging. It is within US to choose the space of being able to receive those things or to resist the bounty of possibility that is there for the taking.

When I choose faith, it does not mean things all of a sudden become easy, or that my heart automatically stops hurting. But in the depths of my being, the believing then makes visible that there IS an open door and a new pathway for me to travel on. In fact there are many pathways. When I choose faith, I also embrace possibility.

There is infinite beauty in possibility. When we are in need of a solution, instead of focusing on the problem, we can have faith in the solution appearing. I can say from experience when I have held fast in the belief of possibilities, I am often awed by what comes in as the solution. And it has come in ways that I had not even remotely imagined.

That is the gift of faith. In return for our trusting in life and it’s flow we can be bestowed solutions that our small selves mired in fear could have never even conceived of. Yes it takes practice. And that is OK. But first and foremost there must be recognition that this is a choice. That fear is a choice. We can ask ourselves which feels better. And we can ask ourselves, very consciously, how we want to feel.

Even if I am scared and feeling crappy I can still be aware of how I feel, but know that it is not where I want to to stay. I can have faith in something better coming along. I can trust in my highest self to help me learn from every experience. I can ask myself “how DO I want to feel?” I don’t need to become the feelings and be choosing fear. I can acknowledge where I am but then I state clearly and consciously to myself and beyond where I want to go. It is always my choice.

I invite you to choose Faith over fear.


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