To Celebrate Love or Not To Celebrate Love?

By all means CELEBRATE LOVE!! All the time, every day! But alas, today happens to be Valentine’s Day. A day that can bring out the bah-humbug in some, perhaps due to feeling alone or annoyed by the commercialism of this “holiday.”

Personally, I like any excuse to celebrate. There is too much low vibration stuff going on all around us to not jump on an opportunity for merriment. And here’s the thing, you DON’T have to have a significant other in order to celebrate this day! Everyone can find something they love to celebrate. This day can serve as a reminder of that. And can also give all of us an opportunity to mindfully send our energy out there in a place of love!

Energy is catching. Intentionally focusing on what we love not only makes us feel good but it also makes others around us feel good. Yes some people can literally feel other peoples’ emotions! And even if you cannot, we all know how it feels to be around negativity. It can be soul-sucking!

So let today be a little reminder of that and give you a reason to put your attention on the feeling of LOVE. Call in that feeling in a conscious manner by thinking about things you love; your pet, your kids, your friends, your favorite song or band, the beauty of nature, laughter, cups of coffee, your favorite musical (Rent) :), laying down under a soft blanket and chillaxing, your favorite food, your favorite place to eat, activities you love to do… the list is expansive!

Get creative. Open your heart today. Let this be the start of your intention to celebrate the feeling of love. It comes in SO many forms. We have narrowed our thinking into believing love just comes from another person. And one that you have to be in a romantic relationship with at that. IT DOES NOT!

Sure that can be part of it, but in no way shape or form does that represent the whole picture. It is only one small piece of the pie. And even a pie that’s half eaten still tastes sweet and delicious! So you can enjoy it no matter what slices are there for you.

In fact, self-love is one of the most satisfying feelings of love there is.

Love is the highest vibration. When we are in high vibration the things we desire are made manifest with incredible ease. There are so many reasons to set intentions on feeling and sharing love. So give some away today too. Smile at a stranger or hold the door open for them. Leave a tip for someone who isn’t expecting one! Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Wish your co-workers a Happy Valentine’s Day! These are ALL actions of love.

My intention for all of us is that we remove the blinders today on the vast and infinite scope of love to consciously open our hearts and celebrate the beauty of love. Love is all we need. All we need is love!

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