In Times Such As These

So how are you all personally (emotionally, mentally, spiritually & energetically) responding to the corona virus outbreak? I wasn’t so great at first. And I feel like it’s all going to be a process of ebb and flow as we go along. But it’s important for us to be able to ground and to feel into any good that can come out of this situation.

My first reaction left me worried for my kid and my family and my own health. I was confused by being told I should go out and food shop for 2 weeks. As an empath, I was overtaken by the crazy energy in the stores (and in general) and I was having trouble grounding myself. I couldn’t focus on anything. It brought up ALL my “not enough” stories. I wasn’t doing enough to productively occupy my child, make money, help soothe my community, take care of myself, clean my house or engage in the hunt for toilet paper and sanitizer!

As I was sitting stock still on my couch, wondering what in the heck to do next, I noticed the supplies my mom had left us and I began to feel gratitude. And then I realized that there were many things to be grateful for here. (Remember like attracts like and that goes for thoughts & feelings too!) I became grateful that today’s medical community KNOWS what this virus is and are working diligently to find more information and bravely take care of those in need. That technology is such that we can still communicate regularly with friends and loved ones, even seeing their faces if not being able to be physically present with them.

And from the space of gratitude I was able to ground enough to lock back into my own belief system of the bigger picture. The one that is serving the greater (and greatest) good of all. And I began to be able to see this for the course correction that it is. I began to see how people will now have more time to connect with their families instead of merely passing by each other every day like roommates. And how we will once again place the importance on real, in person, human connection and caring for our fellow humans. These things are, and will continue to be, a very real and tangible shift into a new (and revitalized) norm.

My town community is blowing me away with Facebook groups being created and folks asking how they can help do and shop for the elderly or for parents that aren’t able to get out and leave their kids. The human spirit of having each others’ back is pouring forth, shifting us away from the “every man for himself” mentality.

And I know that when we get ourselves so disconnected from these basic and necessary human tenets of LOVE, we will be shown the way back there. So that going forward we must honor and keep what’s sacred about the human existence and remember the utmost importance of our actions coming from a space of love and compassion.

This is all a major energetic reset. As we are having to stay at home, with nowhere to be, free from the hectic binds of timing and the way we have to look, we can just BE, in our own space. And settle into our own bones. And ALLOW that internal listening to center, reset and recharge us. When do we ever truly have an opportunity to do this on such a deep level!?

Even if it’s uncomfortable emotions we are feeling, we will have no choice but to sit with them, allow them, learn that they can be observed and that we’re still OK when we can’t push them away through all the usual daily activities & doings. This is actually a gift. As hard as that may be to conceptualize right now, there is MUCH growth that can come from all of this. Both personally and collectively. Even if it cannot be grasped in this moment, the simple acknowledgement of that possibility leaves the door open for it.

This is a great time to begin and practice meditation!

It’s quiet outside. So much less noise creating so much more space for peace. So much less emissions from cars! The air is clearer. I think about how nice it will be for us to stay more present, not stuck in the coming moment in our heads worrying about what we HAVE to do next and being on time for it.

People are out there creating all kinds of fun things to do virtually! Concerts, dance classes, virtual museum tours. How nice to have the general collective focusing on such a thing!!

Now is a time of coming together. To heal the human spirit. To heal the earth. To heal our broken roads of communication and authenticity. To heal our healthcare protocols so people will no longer be afraid of not going to work when they or their children are sick. To remember that many people suffer a lot and that we are all part of the same human race. With the capacity to love and be there for one another.

Let’s use this time to actively look towards gratitude more than ever. To recognize the things that we take for granted and begin to honor and cherish those things. Life will be SO much sweeter when we have what we are missing back and our hearts overflow with gratitude because of them, as that is an incredibly uplifting space to live from. Let’s allow the extreme importance of the pause to be ingrained in our souls. Let’s remember to be there for one another, through ALL times.

Today I read a post that said “the waters flowing through the canals of Venice is clear for the first time in forever. The fish are visible. The swans returned.” And THAT makes my heart full.


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