How Is Your Relationship With the Earth?

Prior to our modern, technology laden societies, the people on this planet had a much different relationship with the earth. Gaia’s land was revered, and souls communed with the rhythms of Mama Earth. The indigenous peoples knew how to flow in alignment with the earth’s heart beat, and how to keep sacred the treatment of our air, land and water.

I’m sure I don’t need to point out the differences in today’s pollution filled cities and littered shores, but I do want to shine light on this energetic disconnect and mull over how we can do our part to return to synergy with the planet we live on.

Nature Is Healing

I see the foremost way to do this as consciously becoming one with nature. Nature IS medicine. And what do I mean by that? I mean nature heals. In more ways than one.

Besides her plants and herbs and all the things that we can use to heal physical ailments, nature also heals us on a spiritual and emotional level (which of course impacts our physical health).

Nature possesses sacred geometry, the likes of which are the building blocks of creation. We can sense it in the leaves and the grass, and the beautiful trees that represent the lungs of our planet.

Trees are also my favorite metaphor of the connection between the Divine and the living soil, as their branches reach to the sky and their roots dig into the earth.

And that soil beneath our feet provides us figurative grounding when we consciously send our energy down into it, and literally when we walk with bare feet upon it, allowing the negative ions to balance out our physiology.

How amazing is that? That the earth provides the charge that is the yin to our yang!

And the earth not only supplies us with medicinal plants, but the most incredible array of foods that are packed with the essentials for our most optimal physical health.

Earthly Support

It truly amazes me how this planet has the sustainability to keep us healthy and well, stable and grounded. I marvel at the way it offers a space for us to grow our food, and walk and drive on, and breathe in life force giving oxygen. And whose stunning beauty soothes many a weary spirit.

How awesome is it that when we feel stuck and stagnant we can take a walk outside and somehow feel reconnected to our own self?! Is that because we are connecting to another part of ourselves that we take for granted?

Personally, being an empath, I would answer that question with a resounding YES!!

I know that when I see litter on the streets, or in the ocean, or any land space that has been trashed, it makes my heart feel heavy.

I also know whenever I go hiking, or even walk around my neighborhood, I can feel my being become lighter. When I touch trees I somehow feel more whole. When I feel breezes on my face, or the sun on my shoulders, or look up at the clouds in the sky I literally FEEL better.

Whenever I eat home grown vegetables I sense that my body responds in kind, with feeling appreciative, healthy and more energized.

So what is that connection?

Our Mutual Symbiosis

I liken it to us being like cells in the body. That we make up part of the function of the earth and that we must take responsibility for that role. Even if on the micro level of being out in nature as often as possible and letting love flow from your heart center in return for the beauty you are immersed in.

My question is, in what ways can we continue to accept and live into our part of the incredible biodome that we reside in? What can the practices of the indigenous and aboriginal peoples teach us?

How can we utilize the medicine of nature to serve not only our highest good, but that of those around us, and ultimately our planet?

What can we plant, both physically and spiritually, into the earth to do our part in creating a better relationship with the land and all of the elements that support our living here?

May we all have a favorite spot in nature where we can go for some quiet time to contemplate the answers to these questions.

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