What To Do When Having “One of Those Days”


Today is one of those days. We’ve all heard and used that expression from time to time, and perhaps it feels differently to each individual.

But to me it means one of those days where I am  feeling what I now know to be the bottom of my emotional wave. That has to do with my Human Design, which I won’t get into in this post, other than to say it is our own unique energetic blueprint. And that I am infinitely grateful that I know of and live into this blueprint.

Everyone has their own energetic signature, their essence if you will. And there will be days when there are shifts in it, as well as shifts in the energies surrounding us.


What those days, and all of them really are, are a reflection of our inner state. So sometimes it may look like tons of things going wrong in our immediate experience to alert us that our energy inside is off, and sometimes we are just plainly aware of the feeling state.

Sometimes we might need our outer world to clue us in about an energetic inner change. And these changes can come from our own thoughts, feelings, energy of others, our bodies responding to something we have eaten, not getting enough sleep, neglecting self care & self love or the need to clear personal and/or space energy.


All of these things are essential for our well being and alignment. And when I talk about alignment, I define that as our inner energetic balance, feeling grounded in our bodies and the present moment, and being fully connected to our truest and highest self & source.

So while we are currently spiritual beings engaged in a human experience, we will run through a myriad of emotions, thoughts & experiences. And any of those things could shift to throw us into an “off” state and create “one of those days” around us.

Now what?

So what do we do in this instance? We pause. We reflect. And we ask ourselves deeply, “what do I need in this moment.”

When I asked myself that question 3 things came to me – rest, more sleep, and being outside in nature. Simple things right? But apparently some of them are being neglected. I know this because I can feel my energy and know I am not in the place I want to be.

As a side note, it doesn’t mean I need to beat myself up about anything or not accept the way I feel. I know all states are transient and that I will continue to move through that energetic wave that I mentioned at the start and not feel compelled to resist how I feel. How I feel is how I feel. I accept it, decide that I would like to eventually feel differently, and assess what might get me there.

And since I have those answers, my plan is to go outside and talk a walk, put lots of rest into my weekend, and SLEEP IN tomorrow!

To do:

Knowing when to stop pushing is essential. Allowing self care is a necessity. And conversing with the self and honoring how we feel without judgement is the key to consciously shifting energy and perspective.

So I invite you to check in with yourself daily. Before it gets to, or especially if you find yourself having, “one of those days.” The beautiful thing is that a check in can also be done by checking out what is surrounding you in your life experience.

Wishing you a mindful day full of awareness and self love!

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