How We Find the Questions in the Crumble

Have you ever had the feeling of everything crumbling down around you? What has that equated to for you and what definition have you given it?

These are pretty intense questions, and not ones to answer quickly. They are questions prompting deep contemplation. And they may be useful during times such as now.

We are currently living through what seems like utter chaos. Systems are breaking down. Trust has eroded. All the ugly in the collective has come to the surface, and humans are being led into perhaps an erroneous belief that most of us do not inherently want the same things.

I believe at the end of the day most of us want love. We want to be love, give love and receive love. Love is the highest power their is. Love is creation and the Creator. And love is on the other side of fear.

But during chaotic times we can be distanced from those deepest parts of ourselves. We can be consciously or unconsciously ascribing to belief systems that do not serve that place of love, and the essence of unconditional love can seem farther away than ever. Maybe we can’t even get in touch with that feeling at all.

However what looks like chaos is the ultimate chance to know ourselves and to challenge our beliefs.  To make sure what we are hanging our hat on is real and true for us, and to become the observer of our response to it all in order to fully meet ourselves.

Truly knowing ourselves can feel scary. Before going any further I need to remind us that we ALL have a dark and a light side. And that we ALL have been living under many false ego pretenses, having been led to believe that our success has to come from being better than others, and that our worthiness to receive love is not something that is divinely inherent. It IS divinely inherent and deserved. Even if we REALLY F up, even when we make mistakes, even when we have shown up as our worst selves.

At the end of the day who we show up as is always a choice. We can be new every day in every moment. Because all we have is the now moment. And the now moment is true presence, regardless of what has come before and lays in our past.

So we can take these times of incredible shift to observe our responses. To understand what is making us choose what we do. To get quiet, go within, allow ourselves to simply BE awareness. We can take a step back from the chaos and ask ourselves where we are in the moment. We can explore if this is where we want to be, and we can use the chaos to sift through and mindfully craft what it is we would like to add our time, energy and heart space to in order to co create new realities.

As I have stated before, break through comes out of break down. On the other side of despair is hope. Hope is a vibration. Love is a vibration. And those vibrations attract more of the same.

It IS possible to stand in the eye of hurricane and observe. Getting quiet and still is the place to do that from. And from there we can allow the chaos to be the teacher.

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