The Best Definition of Abundance

What is your definition of abundance?

When I say that word does it conjure up images of monetary wealth, a flashy car, a big home or lots of new clothes?

While those things can most certainly be signs of abundance, I want to invite you to examine the abundance in your life on an even deeper level.

The best definition I have heard for abundance is “having everything you need in a given moment.” And I love it so much because it implies that you can find abundance fully even in the midst of hardship and crisis.

The last crisis I had that began turning a seemingly peaceful morning into something chaotic actually turned into an opportunity for me to acknowledge my abundance. Because as it turned out, even though things weren’t going as I had planned, I ended up with everything I needed at that time. Which was mainly support. The people I needed it from were accessible. Those that I needed for specific actions were not only available but carried them out with ease. And I was grateful. For the abundance of support and attainability.

We can easily get jaded when we feel like we don’t have the things we want and allow ourselves to believe that we live in a state of lack rather than abundance. But just because something has not appeared in our lives yet most certainly does not mean that the “something” isn’t coming.

And in the meantime, in our specific moments, we can look around at all the different places we have what we need at the time.

I want to live in my dream home someday. That would be part of my abundance. However, right now, in this moment, I have what I need. A roof over my head, a cozy space filled with love and the amount of room that most serves my family at this time.  And so I feel abundant.

It’s a different take than what we get used to as the measure for abundance. Often those measures are material things. And there is nothing wrong with including material things in how you define your abundance. The difference simply becomes recognizing and living into feeling abundant even when all of our desires have yet to be fulfilled.

And as I mention often, what we focus on expands. So when we are focused on just how abundant we are, we will be shown even more reasons to feel our abundance.

There are so many things we can notice that we have an abundance of too. We can have an abundance of love, laughter, support, health, happiness, joy – the things we feel within our hearts. We can have an abundance of food, friends, working appliances, options, safety – the list can be endless. And if there is a desire for more of any of these we can set that intention and ask that more of it come into our lives.

Going forward I invite you to take pause from time to time and ask yourself, do I have everything I NEED in this moment? And if you do, to fully lean into a sense of abundance and then give thanks.

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