When Collective Energy Creates Miracles

I have always believed in the power of prayer. And I have prayed for as long as I can remember. And while I don’t consider myself a “religious” person in the context of structuralized religion, I have always believed in a God or a higher power.

These beliefs have come from witness. I have watched time and time again how things I have prayed for and desired have come to fruition. For both myself and for others.

And what I have witnessed as of late, and what I want to share with you, is the IMMENSE power behind collective prayer. The power in numbers of shared energy being released up and out toward a common desire. THAT is the stuff that creates miracles.

And before I tell this latest story, I want to briefly address what could be the argument for naysayers. That we have also seen prayers go unanswered.

Because I have seen that too. And while I will not profess to understand exactly why that happens, I will make the statement that I believe things can still be working for the greater good even when it looks to us like unanswered prayers and unmet desires.

When I am coaching clients on getting clear on their desires and then guiding them to ASK for them, I tell them to be clear on the what and the why, and then let the universe take care of the when and how.

Because things don’t always come to us immediately nor do they always come to us in the exact form that we think they “should.” But they do come.

And whether you want to pray to God, or simply state your desires to this loving universe (I believe there is more than 1 pathway to Spirit), we ARE heard. One of my favorite Esther Hicks books is called Ask And It Is Given. That title is a motto that serves us well to remember.

And what I have witnessed recently via the power of prayer has been more than incredible.

A girl I went to high school with has triplets. One of them, a 6 year old girl named Maddyn, contracted a virus that attacked her heart. It was an extremely dire situation. She was put on a machine that worked her heart and lungs and there was talk of a heart transplant. While on the machine Maddyn had a stroke and had to have brain surgery.

And the family turned to prayer. But not only inwardly. They asked friends, family, hospital staff, everyone they could to pray for them.

They took to the beauty of social media to ask for prayers through their Praying For Maddyn page on Facebook. And the results have been no less than astounding.

Their beautiful young daughter is now out of ICU and in rehab. She has surpassed doctors’ expectations and what they usually see in terms of progress in these cases. Miracle after miracle. Maddyn still has a long road ahead of her, but there is no doubt surrounding this situation regarding the awesome power of this collective desire to see healing and strength fall upon this family. Because it has!!

My friend Moe told me how she explained prayer to her young sons and I want to share the definition here, I feel it’s one of the best I’ve heard. She said: “I showed them a picture of Maddyn and I told them to envision her with a bright light running through her body making her happy and well. Picture her playing, skipping, running and riding a bike. I explained that there is great collective energy made up of all of the good things in everyone and it’s called God. It is like a powerful superhero but even greater.”

There is great power and Divinity both within and without. It is up to us to consciously exercise it for ourselves and for others and to ask for help from that spark in others when we need it.

I want to constantly remind myself of this power. I want to remind my friends and my family. I want to teach my son about it. We forget that we can always ask for what we need.

And then to constantly give thanks for all that we receive creates such awesome momentum.

So my suggested action step would be to spend a little time each day in prayer. Send light to those who need it. Surround yourself in light. Heck surround the world in it. And when you need that extra force, create a prayer circle. Let folks know of your specific ask. Set aside exact times of the day to collectively pray with others for the same thing. For example Maddyn’s parents ask us to pray for specific things for her. And witness the miracles that occur. And then share them!


Please share examples and stories below of this happening in your life!


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