Is It The Real Thing or Just A Sign Post?

There is a subject that seems to be recurring amongst not only me and my clients but also within my tribe so that I feel it merits some writing about. (Tribe =  like minded individuals who you connect with on the level of your true self and who walk the same path as you).

And that is that sometimes when the things show up looking closely like they are what we’ve been desiring, they end up being the sign post pointing us toward the real thing.

The things, people and experiences that come into our lives are a direct result of what we think about. Because what we think about makes us feel a certain way which causes our energy to vibrate in that certain way, that in turn attracts that which matches the energetic vibration.

Remember, everything is made up of energy and that most certainly includes us! So where our energy is vibrating is the point of our attraction, meaning what we are attracting into our experience.

You know when you are having “one of those days?” Well those days occur because something happens that we perceive and then label as being “bad” and then our attention is focused on that “badness”. When our attention gets fixated on something we have an emotional response to it. And if that response is of the lower vibrations ( anger, annoyance, being fuming pissed off… you get the picture) then that is our point of attraction.

And what will we attract? More things that make us feel annoyed, angry and PO’d, culminating in the aforementioned “one of those days.”

So when we are being clear about the things that we want in life, we can then tend to our vibration so that we can be a match for those things to appear. For example if we want to attract love, we work on being (and feeling) in the space of love, if we want to attract work we are passionate about we work on staying in the vibration of passion and excitement. And that goes for all things we desire. We can work with the laws of the universe by getting in touch with HOW we want to feel about the things we want.

We can get clear about the kind of people we want to work with, hang out with and love. We can become clear on and imagine the path we want to be walking. And we can gain clarity on who we want to show up as in life.

All of this enhances our point of attraction.

And as we move along this magnificent co-creational experience called life, many times things happen that at first we rejoice over as our desires appearing.

But sometimes, as time passes and we look a bit further, we come to realize that what we are seeing is not in fact “it”.  And sometimes we get discouraged, or we discount this conscious creation process as not working.

And the point I want to make in all of this is that sometimes the manifestations are sign posts. They are saying to you YES, you are on the right path! Yes you are sharpening your clarity! Yes you are almost there! And we can celebrate that instead of letting our vibration dip into areas that don’t feel good (disappointment, sadness, frustration). Because we can really honor that we are calling into our lives the things that we want, and even if it isn’t the EXACT thing, we are getting “better” at drawing the things that we want to us.

When we meet people in life; friends, co-workers, lovers, etc that we feel excited about having appeared in our lives that we think are our manifestations, and then they turn out to be not so EXACTLY what we were looking for, instead of getting discouraged we can recognize that these people are our sign posts. They are telling us that we ARE in fact on the way to getting exactly what we desire. And instead of turning away from it all, face it with gratitude, because for whatever reason that particular person may not serve your highest good at the time, but they are pointing the way to those that will!

And when we can stay in the space of gratitude over our sign posts, I can assure you that that will speed up the arrival of the real thing!

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