How Much Do You Let Age Matter?

heather o'neill coachingI was listening to a great interview the other day with Dr. Christiane Northrup. It was such a great interview I actually blogged about other aspects of it for a website that I blog on in. But the part I want to touch on in my own blog is the story she told about starting to take dance classes. Dr. Northrup is at least in her 60s and she started talking about how she wanted to learn to tango I believe it was. And she worked through all of her “stuff” over being apprehensive about it and finally just did it. Plowed through the discomfort and began taking lessons. And while I could write a whole blog about stepping outside of your comfort zone, that is not my main focus at the moment.

What Dr. Northrup didn’t let stand in her way was her age. She had a passion and desire to learn and do something and she didn’t let her stage in life stand in her way. It was a wonderful story to hear how much she has embraced the joy that her dancing has brought her. She mentioned that people go to her house now to dance with her and that she has dance parties! I found it all so exciting to hear because there is just so much possibility out there for us when we don’t cut ourselves off from it through limiting beliefs. And I am sure readers older than me might be thinking “well if she is going to start talking about age she is not really speaking from experience any older than she is.” Which is of course true. And which is why I recommend checking out Dr. Northrup and also the amazing Louise Hay. The things they are doing in the later stages of their lives are truly inspiring.

And I have in fact gone through the examining of my age beliefs when I embarked on my life coaching path. I definitely had thoughts go through my head like “I can’t start over now at age 40” and “I am too old to change careers now.” I had thoughts of wishing I had done it sooner and thinking “well I don’t have enough time.” But really all that thoughts like that do is hold me back. Why can’t I be a life coach until I am 80? Heck that is 40 more years of building a practice!! (alright a few less years than 40 but who is counting!) 🙂 I read an article once about a 90 year old woman taking yoga. If she can do that I can coach at 80! See where my mindset is here? That is what empowers me to take stock of what things I tell myself and beliefs I hold that will stand in the way of me making changes, or going for things, or journeying down new paths that can add to my life in very exciting ways.

Age can be a big excuse for us. It can be our scapegoat for what is really fear. And I could write for days about fear too, that gremlin that lies within all of us masquerading as the truth. But when we are aware of that gremlin and call it what it is, we can peel away some of what really stops us and open up to the fact that life is ours for the living at any age! And the older we get the more wisdom, patience, awareness, etc. etc. we can bring to our new experiences enhancing them even further. So be mindful of the reasons we give for our “I can’ts”. Look for where you can do away with those reasons and change them to “I can.” And then when you get a little more used to those, change them for good to “I will!” No matter what your age, those words can fill your vocabulary with wonderful new color and lead you to very fulfilling new experiences!

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