How To Throw Out Your Head Trash

I am having one of those days where the head trash is REALLY trying to pile itself up within.

You have probably heard me talk alot about head trash. It’s those completely disempowering, UN self serving thoughts that our minds like to serve up about how we don’t do enough and aren’t good enough in this life.

Head trash works by robbing us of our happiness as it piles up in our minds and spirits (and then ultimately our physical bodies). And since I have really grasped this fact, I have worked hard to be extremely vigilant in recognizing my own and then throwing it away.

And because I learned this from completely burying myself in head trash throughout and after my divorce, I know how detrimental it is when we all deserve to live happy lives. And so it is my mission now to coach and teach others how to throw their head trash out.

But sometimes this trash has a life of it’s own and works extra hard to accumulate within.

So today, as all kinds of TRASHY thoughts popped up (I wasn’t doing a good enough job with work, my house was such a mess and shame on me for that, I did not do enough with my son on his spring break) I simply repeated a statement every time they floated in. I said to myself “that is not true” and then I visualized a piece of paper being crumbled up and thrown into a trash can.

And then I smiled.

YES I physically held a smile on my face. (whether I felt like it on not!)

And so I repeated this process for awhile. And then I even wanted to test my theory of these statements being untruths. I asked my son if he was having a good spring break. And he told me yes. And because my mind had been a little trash soaked it said ‘No there is still more you should have done.’ So I said to him, “would anything have made it better?” And he said “yes”.

Then I asked what and braced myself for the answer. Feeling like here comes the validation about how crappy a mom I am sometimes (TRASHTRASHTRASH) and he said “if it was SUMMER break!!”

So I released my breath and laughed.

And eventually, as I held my energy up, not letting it dip into any lower level emotions like anger, disparagement, frustration, lack…anything like that, my energy level stayed where it was. I was simply happy. Amidst all I had going on and all that I was doing, I stayed happy.

Because I threw the trash out. And shortly after I had gotten a hold of it all I ended up participating in an amazing webcast with the most upbeat, loving people imaginable. And I feel fantastic right now!

But had I let that that trashy, negative thinking take hold, had I given in and made that my truth, I would never have found that webcast. Like attracts like. And we find things in our daily experience that match where we are within. And I want the good, the happy, the joyful, the love filled things to find their way into my experience as often as possible!

So my suggested action step  is to be ultra vigilant about how you are feeling. If something feels off, pay very close attention to your thoughts. Be a student of your own thinking. You will learn to catch these thoughts that do absolutely nothing for you or for those around you. And when you do, throw them out. Use the visualization that I used or create your own. But remind yourself that they are not truth, and then smile!

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