How full is your thankful?

Depositphotos_41238585_xsToday is Thanksgiving. And before all of the eating commences I sat down at my mom’s computer to write a blog. And it may be cliché but I have to write about being thankful. But not just being thankful in the sense of “I will go over 1 or 2 obvious things that I am thankful for” and then proceed down the pathway to a food coma. Rather I am really digging in and searching for things we don’t normally name to be thankful for. I am sitting here looking out at a river while I type this. I love water. I find it very peaceful and calming, And I am so thankful that on this day as I write, I need only to glance up and look into the distance at something that never fails to soothe my soul. I am truly thankful for such a moment. And I am thankful for nature, in all of its beauty and splendor. Even as fall melts into winter and the colorful foliage is on its way out, I can still look out at a bare tree and be thankful for its symbolism. For its roots that anchor it steadily into mother earth for support, and for the branches that take many forms and paths as it reaches up towards the sky. I am thankful for the tree as a symbol of life and strength and beauty.

I love digging in like that. I love taking 1 thing that I am easily thankful for, like my health and my body, and really going deeper to name specifically what I am thankful for. Like my hearing. So that I was able to listen to my October Pearl Jam concert on the Sirius PJ channel yesterday that enabled me to actually enjoy an extra half hour of travel in gray weather and pouring rain. And I was thankful for my ability to drive, to see, to think, to push my foot down on the pedals. It made me think of our soldiers who bravely put their lives on the line for us and who have endured more than we can even imagine, as we complain about our jobs and our daily doings while some have lost limbs and senses and are not able to work and who live in ways that make the things we complain about so trivial. I am thankful for our soldiers and I am thankful for the people who lead and try to make a difference. I am thankful for the people that are kind and caring and that know it really isn’t about every man for himself. That this is all much bigger than the way we sometimes look at ourselves and our lives as if we were all separate.

I could go on and on about what I am thankful for. I want to list a few more and then suggest that even after today you really ask yourself how full your thankfuls are. How much farther and deeper can you look into things to really get in touch with the vastness of all there is to be thankful for? Just because anytime you turn on the news and it is about bad things and tragedy does not negate the other side of the coin. There is so much beauty, goodness and truth out there to be thankful for and it is up to us to look for it. To make our thankfuls so full that even when we experience heartache and sadness or even tragedy that we know we can always look for and find things to be extremely thankful for.

And so even during times I may forget or may be focused in a way that blinds me to the light, I can look back on this list and know that I can always swim in a ocean full of thankfuls. I am thankful for my friends, the way they make me laugh, how my best friend can barely get a funny story out sometimes for how hard she is laughing. I am thankful for my friends who see the strength and good in me, even when I don’t. I am thankful for the opportunities in my life to make money, I am thankful that I have sustenance while I pursue my purpose. I am thankful for the experiences in my life that seem like crises because there is always something to learn from them. I am thankful for my clients whom I learn from as well. I am thankful for the way the sun causes the sky to look like cotton candy at sunset. And I am thankful for the seasons, even though I like the cold less and less, because I am reminded of the amazing cycle of life that occurs here on earth and for the ebb and flow of all that is. I am thankful for the differences in this world, so that we may grow and see other sides of things. Without them we would stagnate and cease to expand. I am thankful for support from God and the universe and for my faith and trust so that I may see it and experience it. And I am thankful for you, who take time from your busy day to read my words. I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, every day.

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