How Do You Turn A Bad Mood Around?

Heather O'neill CoachingOne of the best questions I feel like we can ask of ourselves is what do we do when we are not feeling up to par mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What do you do when you are feeling down to shake off those blues? I think it’s an important question because I believe it is actually somewhat of a skill that can be paramount to us living a happy life and one as your best self. Not only does it help you know how to turn a bad mood around, it helps you to actually get to know yourself. Because most of us have not ever actually asked this question of ourselves before. Most of the time when we are feeling upset or angry or disappointed or just “off” what usually happens is that we tend to add fuel to the fire so to speak by thinking thoughts that support our bad mood. I believe that as far as energy goes, like attracts like. And our thoughts create our energy. So what happens is that when our thoughts are those of the darker nature, we tend to attract more of the same type of thoughts.

Sometimes when feeling angry about something I have caught myself further feeling angry about this, that and the other thing before I stop and realize that as I observe my thought pattern it is not serving me because I am attracting more angry thoughts. Think about it. Think about momentum. Think about if you roll a ball down a hill how it starts to roll faster and faster as it goes down. And our thoughts are like that. If we don’t take care to find that place between experiencing our feelings then letting them go and the awareness of our thoughts becoming indulgent, we can end up in a direction that is not making us feel very good. And I think it’s a personal journey to find that middle ground between processing our emotions and releasing them and then conversely allowing the thoughts to rule the roost because we just keeping thinking them over and over and then the aforementioned momentum begins.

So I think it’s a key to begin to actually make a list of the things you can do to turn a bad day around. And that list depends on you. We cannot expect other people’s behavior to turn our day around. Pinning the responsibility of our emotional state on others completely disempowers us. The change to be made always starts from within and with how we choose to RESPOND to situations. So I am proposing an action step here to make a list of the things you can do to get yourself out of a funk. And if you have something really big going on maybe the things on your list at the very least help to give you a respite or an outlet from bleakness and despair. Again, this does not mean you cannot feel your feelings. It means that OK, I am feeling crappy about something, I can’t change it, I have felt what I need to and have not resisted it or stuffed it down or pushed it away and now I choose to make myself feel a bit better.

And if you are feeling like you do not know the answer to that question do not fret!!! It’s OK. Sometimes we lose site of ourselves, it happens. But that is no reason to stop looking. Living life as your true authentic self is what it is about if you ask me. But point being, start to explore things that make you feel better…good….great! Know what tools you have in your arsenal to combat states that are not serving you and that you are desiring to change. I have noticed a theme that when asked this question many answer with some form of physical movement; working out, walking, running, dancing, riding a bike…somehow moving your body and your energy around. But there are many things that help people alter their emotional state; spending time in nature, reading inspiration material, listening to certain music, finding new statements to make within about your situation (checking in on what can be learned from the crisis), meditation, reciting mantras (ie. things seem to have a way of working out, I know I am supported, I know I am being guided, things are unfolding they way they are supposed to even though it wasn’t what I expected, etc.), talking to a friend, thinking about the things you CAN change, finding laughter (through a funny friend, movie, thinking of funny stories) sleeping and recharging, going to the beach, taking a walk through some woods or sitting by water, having energy work done through Reiki, Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch or any method of choice or get a massage.

There is so much to choose from and the more you ask yourself the more ways that resonate most with you will appear. And remember, as we can pick up energy from others, our energy can be catching too. It serves the whole to be mindful of how you are feeling. May your journey be filled with light!!

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