What CANNOT Be Ignored

I am not a fan of fear tactics. I don’t use them as a tool when parenting or in relationships, nor do I use them in marketing. And I am definitely disheartened over how fear based our media is and how that works to create and perpetuate a fear based society.

So while that is not my intent with this post, to incite fear in any way, I want to be clear that my intention is about awareness. I want to talk about something that I feel this pandemic has really brought to light that doesn’t get a lot of play in our mainstream media, or in our schools, or in most work places (most of life).

And that is wellness. The importance of our well being as it relates to our overall health.

Sure we all know the term meditation. You may have heard me talk about Reiki. You might have come across someone teaching a mindfulness class here or there, and you probably know a good bit about foods that are nutritious and good for the body. And I am sure you know that exercise is important.

The part I want to draw attention to is the importance of truly integrating wellness practices into our lives. And the thing is, as we have sadly watched people around us transition at a rapid rate, we cannot hide from the cold, hard truth anymore that our wellness and well being must be of top importance. This sentiment is not to make you afraid, but AWARE.

Please know that there is a difference between them. Even though they might feel similar, they are not. Fear keeps us down and easily manipulated. Fear is terrible for our immune systems.

Awareness is empowering. Awareness keeps us open and informed and able to make the best choices for ourselves.

And now we can no longer fall back on our old patterns and reasonings. Our lives depend on it. Our children depend on it. And we can be the examples for them! We need to be making well being a priority. For ourselves and for our planet (but again another topic).

Just to be clear, I am not talking about our current model of healthcare. I see our healthcare system as more of a sick care system. We manage disease. We do not (for the most part) approach it holisitically. Even right now in the midst of a pandemic, there is little talk about natural approaches to what strengthens the immune system. At least not in the mainstream. In fact these approaches are actually being censored. We must do our own due diligence to gather broader information.

It is not impressed upon us how important it is to care for our WHOLE being. Our mind, body and spirit. I believe it should be shouted from the rooftops how important this connection is. And how we can trace the roots of our diseases and illnesses to what we have going on within and what is going on around us in life, situationally and environmentally.

This crazy rat race pace of life was not sustaining us. A passionless living that has us slaves to our bills is horribly unhealthy. And at the end of the day, we would say we are too tired to take care of our selves. And then we become faced with a pandemic and the stark awareness that our immune systems may not be where we need them to be.

And what feeds into the health of the WHOLE of us is, in fact, what we feed ourselves. And not just the food we eat. But what we feed ourselves through our thoughts, what we feed our spirits by what we read, what we watch, who we spend time with and how we fill our days.

Learning mindfulness, studying your thought patterns, listening to the way you speak to yourself, all of these things are GAME CHANGERS! When we are not beating the sh*t out of ourselves in our own minds we are HEALTHIER! Not only in mind, but in BODY. It’s ALL connected. Our bodies hear everything we think and say about ourselves. When we hate on ourselves, our bodies hear us. It is SO important to get out of our heads, practice mindfulness, MEDITATE, pause, forgive and heal!!

Real healing, (mental, physical, emotional, energetic) recognizing what is unhealthy and dis-ease causing in our lives, relearning that our bodies are able to heal themselves, and working to release negative, stuck energy from our physical bodies is so incredibly important. There are SO many healing modalities out there. So much great stuff to look into and see what you resonate with!

Sound healing, EFT, Reiki, auriculotherapy, Seimei, coaching, reflexology, acupuncture, meditation, aromatherapy, hypnosis, Healing Touch, massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, naturopothy, Chinese medicine, Psyche K, Access Consciousness, functional medicine, nutrition, yoga and more…there are all kinds of healing modalities for us to explore and tap into.

I know these things because I have been doing some of them steadily for the past 10 years. And my life has shifted 100%. And I feel healthier in mind, body and spirit than I ever have in my life.

I also see the results in my clients and fellow practitioners’ lives!

And I am not saying Western medicine doesn’t have its place as well. I’ve seen some absolutely incredible things that medicine can do! It’s ALL part of the whole.

Most of this stuff isn’t pushed in general because it doesn’t make big corporations big money. And it’s not what we’ve been conditioned to think of as what’s best for us. But it’s all right here. Ready to help us to take control of our health and well being. It’s not difficult to make wellness a priority. It’s about changing habits, releasing stagnant belief systems that no longer serve us, getting support, and believing in the immense power we have within.

And if a pandemic doesn’t serve to show us that our health and well being need to be THE top priority, I don’t know what does. We don’t need our bodies to become sick in order to understand how important our own wellness is. It needs to be our top priority!

And when you are ready, the wellness practitioners are out here waiting to be a part of your journey with lots of love and open arms! TRULY holding space for your health and well being. It’s time to let go of the old paradigms that keep us down & believing otherwise. We were meant to live healthy, well and enjoy our lives!

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