Creating A Comfortable Reality Amidst Chaos

The division of opinions and beliefs right now is more visible than ever in most of our lifetimes. This current situation has caused so much to rise to the surface. People are fighting tooth and nail on social media, expending exorbitant amounts of energy defending their beliefs, attacking those who differ.

But this situation is serving us in incredible ways. Yes, there is death. There are loved ones that have transitioned during this time and left their physical existence. But we can prevent that having happened in vain when we hold the space for the rebirth that is also pushing forth.

There is actually nothing new occurring in humanity’s response. For example, it can be easy for “spiritual” people to disconnect when “religious” people talk about their processes and vice versa. It can feel unidentifiable. We adhere very sub & unconsciously to our attachments to our beliefs. So we can judge, or disagree, or think about what is being talked about as “wrong.” And maybe it is wrong for us!

But we can pivot and recognize that what someone is speaking of is still their spirituality. And when people are connected to that ultimately nameless force, it is a much higher vibration than judgement. So we can raise our own level of consciousness from the standpoint of energy. We can recognize that as vibrational beings “I would rather vibrate in acceptance, and in recognition of someone else’s path of joy.”

And THIS is what raises the vibration of the collective. THIS is how we can all do our part in this current awakening and rise in human consciousness.

It’s that fine balance between knowing we are all one and also accepting that we all have different roles and parts to play. Just like our cells, organs, bones, tissues, etc. all operate quite differently in our body yet all with the same goal of perpetuating the life of that body. And that without all of these different parts, we actually cannot exist as the beautiful whole that we are.

This is the function of universal expansion. Of growth, of experiencing all sides, of evolution. We can hold space for this and then still go about our daily business in the lanes that serves us best personally. It comes down to the very ancient and wise adage of live and let live. Peaceful co-existence as part of the whole is what raises the vibration of the whole!

There has always been an amazingly varied amount of viewpoints, opinions, perceptions and realities occurring on earth. This situation has simply brought them to light. And in that light we are given the gift of practicing acceptance. Of truly holding space for the many pathways out there. And that in holding that space from a point of neutrality, we actually contribute to the raise in consciousness.

This experience is an opportunity for us to refrain from attacking those who do not agree with us, in mind, heart and deed. Of accepting that our friends may hold widely different viewpoints from ours. And instead of defining others we don’t agree with through name calling or feeling we need to unfriend them, we can just listen if we are willing to or else move on passed it.

Or not! We don’t have to read everyone’s opinion on social media if it drags our vibration down.

But we CAN practice the allowing of all the different realities people are living in to perhaps help to expand our own. There are many different versions of “life” out there. As we are all co-creating our own realities we are most certainly not creating the same ones. And that is not only OK, it’s a beautiful thing! Because it’s that very energy that is driving the expansion of the universe!

We can make a commitment to ourselves to remain neutral. To stay apart from energies that drag us down. To honor that all are having their own unique life experience, and be a part of the change that we want to see by allowing all of this via living from a heart centered space of compassion for different realities.

And the exciting thing is that it’s not that difficult to do through compassion and unattachment, AND it raises our vibration to do so!

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